What’s going to change in Temporary subclass 457 visa?


Change coming to temporary visa subclass 457, but don’t panic!

According to DIBP, Temporary work visa 457 allows a skilled worker to come to Australia and work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor. The key features of this visa are,

  • It lets you work for up to four years,
  • You can travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want, and,
  • the best part is you can bring your family along with you, either to work or study here in Australia.

So, what is happening to 457 work visa starting on, or after, 19 November 2016?

First of all, the change in this visa will only affect those workers that were granted visa on, or after 19 November, 2016. So, if you were already in Australia, working on temporary 457 visa, before this date, the new change won’t impact you at all. You can stop reading rest of this post.

However, if you were granted 457 visa on 19th November 2016 or there after, you should know this – in case your 457 visa sponsoring employer ceases your employment, you will now have only 60 days to find another job. Before, it was 90 days.

That’s all there is in this change. You can read the full press release here

Behind the scene: 457 visa change

Sixty days to find another job is still more than two times of what it used to be. Before June 2013, you were allowed only 28 days. Then Labor government increased that period from 28 days to 90 days, adding more time for 457 visa holders to find another job.

But, not everybody was in the favor, it seems.

“The Government values the contribution made by the many skilled persons who work in Australia on 457 visas, but where there is an Australian worker ready, willing and able to perform a role it is the Government’s policy that they have priority”, Mr. Dutton, the minister of immigration said.

So, the decision to reduce the number of days is aimed to reduce competition from overseas workers.

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