How do we pick our Migration Agents at Migration Quotes?

It is no magic and there is no secret sauce on how we pick and choose our migration agents. One thing, which you can be certain about, is, because we are an independent business, our selection process is fair and unbiased.

If you had all the time in the world, you would probably do most of the things I do as well. But sadly, you don’t have that time. And, because I do this for a living, I take it quite seriously and even take it up a notch. So, here is how I do my shortlisting of migration agents.. 

The ‘old school’ way

What I mean by old school way is that the process I follow, which you’ll see below, is quite basic. It is manual and very time consuming. (well, I wouldn’t risk your future by taking shortcuts anyway.)

So, before I pick up that phone to sign up an agent on the referral program, I do plenty of homework on each. The first and the foremost is always – is the agent registered with the office of MARA? And, are there any disciplinary decisions made against the agent in the past, that is shown in the public notice database? The latter is definitely not desired.

If the Migration Agency has more than one MARA agents, I repeat the above process for each agent. I am not taking chances.

Second thing I do is, I spend sometime on the business’s website, read through the content they have posted, check to see things such as availability of copy of the Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct, valid physical address, last time the news/blog section was updated, etc.

Then, I check if the business has an active and good standing in the Australian Business Registrar and also how long the business has been established for. The longer, the better.

I also check the company’s social media presence, participation in the discussions on their business page, and I also read reviews left by their customers.

If it’s a green signal from all these steps, I pick up the phone and call the number listed on their website or google business page. From here on, it is all about human interaction, and my personal experience with each business. If I am happy with them, I am going to assume you will be happy with them as well.

Even with all these steps, I understand that none will guarantee your experience with the agent.

But the fact is there are 864+ registered migration agents in Melbourne area as of October 2016. My goal is to narrow down and find few that I consider are experts and highly qualified for your case.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas on how I can improve this process, please feel free to get in touch with me at migration dot quotes at gmail dot com.

Thank you, Happy Migrating!